Thank You!

OMG, LOVE FEST SOLD OUT!!!! Thank you to everyone who came out on Saturday, and so so sorry to those who were turned away cause we reached capacity!

The whole thing just turned out to be so funking fantastic, and the Mercy Funk Crew is so grateful to every single person who helped us get there!

MEGA MEGA LOVE goes out to Dane and his staff at 9910 for hosting us and treating everyone like GOLD. The best!

To all the people who donated their time and art supplies to make A MILLION hand crafted hearts, thank you thank you!

Kamley Parish also needs a round of high fives for coordinating all the set up, merchandise, and volunteers. Yea, girl!

And ah, ya, THANK YOU TO THE VOLUNTEERS who set up, worked merch, and just did what needed to be done!

Jason Grilo as always, was a class act who took care of his shiz. If anyone needs a sound guy get at him. He rocks.

Special thanks to Justin Perkins and the Yonghy Bonghy Bo's for opening the night. Y'all definitely got the feelz flowing through the crowd!

And, of course, a heartfelt thank you goes out to the guest musicians who joined Mercy Funk on stage!! You really made dreams come true.... Mary-Lee Bird (trombone), Spencer Murray (saxophone), Justin Perkins (guitar) Emma Fraizer & Amber Byrne (backup vocals), Kevin Gaudet (drums/percussion), and Bernal Ibarra (keyboard).

There's more to come and more to say...but that's it for now!!


Mercy Funk